Looking for an Instagram keynote speaker?


Dull presentations are bad for business, and I'm all about good business.

How about adding a fresh perspective and spice up your next physical or virtual event with one of my "Funkeynotes" or fresh breakouts?

My presentations have a fresh approach and they are all about the struggles, service-based professionals are dealing with every day on Instagram.

My goal is to walk this fine line between motivation, mindset shifting, and smart, practical tips, ready to be applied the moment you leave and allow your business to take off.

Professionalism, positive mindset and humor against all challenges.

Christos is communicative and direct. He will have you revise your mindset & attitude on basic situations and challenges, all wedding pros encounter daily and we often doubt our reactions. Keep it up, Christos!

Nancy Giannou - BonBon Studio

Let’s just be real for a minute: you don't want a boring speaker. Dull presentations are bad for business.


I like to keep my presentations down to earth and realistic but also aiming for the stars.

I can’t help talking about topics I understand, love can relate to. Topics I truly believe can make a difference in your business and help you take it to the next level.

So, my presentations are all about Instagram Growth, Instagram for Business, Content Strategy, Communication, Sales & Marketing, plus a couple of motivational ones.

Something that every creative will find useful and resonate with, adding a touch of “cruel” honesty, stand-up comedy, and engagement with the audience.

You can enjoy them as Keynotes or Breakouts.

Christos' presentations are clear and detailed from start to end. Rich content and even richer Q&A sessions.

Outstanding peron, businessman and teacher.
Transminsability, rich content and practicality are the terms best describe him as a speaker, with hot topics that resonate with every wedding pro.
He empathizes with the audience, talking like he is addressing to each and every one of us separately. Keep it up Christos!

Petros Malamas | Amaze DJs

You can check a few of my hot topics here↓


  • The naked truth about Instagram algorithm and growth

  • 5 mistakes that kill your account and growth.

  • The 4 most important parts of fast growth.

  • How to set up the perfect account.

  • Crafting the perfect post.

  • The content creation blueprint for maximum clarity.

  • How to grow your Event Business on Instagram (Photographers, Planners, DJs, etc)

  • How to grow your Creative Business on Instagram (Designers, Filmmakers, Creators, etc)

  • How to grow your Coaching Business on Instagram (From Fitness to Branding coaches and beyond...

  • Creative ways to share your portfolio on Instagram and grow

  • 0-100K followers in 12 months! You got this.

  • Why you can’t grow with clients alone.


Most of the topics can be easily delivered both as Keynotes and Breakouts while some can be delivered as workshops as well.
Let's talk about your event so I can suggest the best option for your needs and preferences.



    In a keynote, you deliver information at a higher level of abstraction. A keynote needs to inspire, inform, entertain, give hope of some change and challenge the audience to think.

    Recommended duration: 30'-45' plus Q&As


    A  breakout session or seminar must go deeper with the content and deliver it at a lower level of abstraction. More details, tips, how to are required in this format. Otherwise, it could potentially leave the audience frustrated.

    The information should be the “take-out variety” – it needs to be presented in a way that it can be taken back to the workplace and used immediately.
    It also needs to be custom made for your specific audience.

    The duration may vary from: 1.5h - 3h plus Q&As

  • YES, I DO!

    I am Athens - Greece based, but I love to travel to speak at your event.

    Besides my fee, you will have to cover my transportation & accommodations cost. Unless I am driving to your city, I will also need ground transportation to/from the venue.

    I'm also chasing the opportunity to speak abroad.